Apathetic America

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to be black in America.

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If I Had One Month Left to Live…

tumblr_nigc5g6EdG1qlmppmo1_500I’d want to travel the world. I’d want to leave my old friend worry behind, my new friend responsibility behind, and fill my last month to the brim with living one day at a time. I wouldn’t give myself time to worry about the future because it technically wouldn’t exist for me. That month would be all about living for now and being grateful of the present. I’d want to meet new people and try to change as many lives as I could with what I have left of my life.

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cheers to twenty years

IMG_0305This weekend I turned 20. My friends threw me a surprise birthday party. This weekend was a perfect representation of my sophomore year. As I reflect on 20 years of life and 2 years of college, I’m really happy with where I stand today. I’m still growing and changing, but I feel loved, I feel secure, I feel comfortable and happy with the person I’ve become.

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our bodies are more than collateral

I’ve been a Mary Lambert fan since hearing her sing the chorus of “Same Love”.  She’s a genius artist with a beautiful soul. Yesterday, I discovered her spoken word poetry “Body Love” and it touched me, so I simply wanted to share it with all of you beautiful people.

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mo’ money, mo’ problems

I never realized how money-driven I was until this school year. My parents, like most parents, want more for me. They want me to be successful, independent and financially sound. They had hopes that I’d become a doctor or lawyer or choose a career that would provide a wealth of cash. And so, I desperately tried to follow this path.

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the world is over

Today, Zayn Malik has left One Direction.


Zayn was the saving grace. The only thing preventing 1D from becoming a complete cheese bop band. I have no words.

My High school self would have been mortified. Directioners, you’re in my thoughts. Parents, prepare for emotional teenage girls.

Zayn with adorable puppies to cheer those in mourning up. 

The Patriarchal Lie of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl Must Be Stabbed in the Heart and Killed*


This morning, the trailer for Paper Towns was released. Paper Towns is John Green’s latest YA-novel-turned-movie adaptation chronicling the woes of suburban teens and the mysterious Margo Roth Spigelman. I’ve been a longstanding fan of John Green, but didn’t read this novel until last summer, and boy could I relate. Maybe every suburban kids has similar experiences, but this town seems so distinctly familiar to the one I call home. So it came to no surprise when I found out that part of the movie was being filmed in my little suburb.

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